Frequently Asked Questions

What is Picorator?

Picorator helps you share images on the Internet with ease. It is designed to be simple, reliable and fun. You can upload images anonymously and share them on other websites in just a few clicks, or browse popular images right here.

Does it cost anything?

Picorator is completely free.

How many images can I upload?

There are no restrictions at the moment, as long as images conform to our Terms of Service.

Do I need an account?

Picorator is anonymous, there are no user accounts and everything is available to everyone.

Is hotlinking allowed?

Yes, feel free to use provided direct links. Do keep in mind, however, that while our services are free, hosting images costs us money, so don't abuse this privilege. Refer to Terms of Service for full conditions.

What is not allowed?

Generally anything that violates our Terms of Service. Some of the things you cannot upload:

  • Copyright infringing material.
  • Nudity, pornography or similar graphic images.
  • Offensive, shocking images.
  • Images that promote illegal activities.
  • Advertisement materials or images that serve the sole purpose of promoting any commercial endeavor.
  • Website backgrounds or other graphic elements.

Which file formats do you support?

At the moment .jpg, .jpeg, .png and .gif formats are supported. We will extend this list in the near future.

Are there any size restrictions?

Each image must not be larger than 2 Mb in size. Support for larger files is coming soon.

Are my images private?

Unless you share your image links with general public your images can be considered private. Each link is a unique random combination of symbols, which has no connection to any external information.

Can I share images on high-traffic sites, such as Digg?

Yes, you can. Our file servers are powered by the largest CDN network in the world.

How long will you keep my images?

As long as your images get at least 1 view per month we will keep them.

Can I delete an image?

You can request an image to be deleted through this page. Use it if you wrongfully uploaded a file or if you feel that it violates our Terms of Service.

What information do you keep?

We only log IP addresses for legal reasons and gather anonymous visitors statistics.