Introducing Communities

Introducing Communities

10 March, 2012

Moving closer to what Picorator is really about we are proud to introduce "Communities"!

What are "Communities"? A community at Picorator is a collection of images moderated and updated by any group of people. Submit an image to a community and have your friends and random stranges vote on it and see it rise to the top.

All it takes is signing up for an account and submitting an image to any of the existing communities. And if that is not enough you can always create your own unique, vibrant community!

Don't worry, anonymous submissions are still a big part of Picorator and will be there forever. "Communities" is part of our commitment to provide social, fun features as part of building the most exciting image sharing experience on the web.


The list of communities can be accessed at any time from the top menu.


Community page itself will present most popular images as picked by our unique algorithm.


Each image has related images attached to it for unlimited browsing!

There are many more features coming up. Expect front page revamp, as well as something big in the next couple of weeks.

As usual leave your feedback at the forum, we would love to hear from you!